Mayfair Compliance


Financial services regulation, particularly regarding the complexities of AML, TBML and virtual currencies, require comprehensive, intelligent solutions. There are a number of consultancies that thrive on scaremongering and obfuscation; our approach is inherently different. We believe in collaborating with our clients to generate a deep understanding of the concepts, with a view to empowering your company, as a whole, to better manage and circumvent the risks inherent in doing business within the global financial sector.
“Tailor-made” may be a cliché, but when it comes to designing strategies there is simply no other way of creating lasting solutions. Our clients rely on us to apply thorough research to their problems, and to design strategies that work within their specific operating environment, regulatory framework and judicial landscape. Consulting to a wide range of financial services clients requires that we adopt a bespoke model across every project.

Our approach is two-fold: after studying the company’s specific services and needs, we deploy hand-selected consultants to conduct a comprehensive study of the legal and regulatory landscape within which the client operates, recognising also that our clients operate under unique sets of internal norms and management practices – as such, our solutions are never generic. Our study in the first phase yields a strategy document that contains valuable and unique insights, and which will guide the second phase: implementation and assessment. The strategic document entails an authoritative, logical and practical guideline that instructs how the client’s existing risk assessment and management structures and strategies should be defined or amended.


Whilst our reputation is founded on exceptional research and innovative ideas, we pride ourselves on also providing practical guidance in situ to oversee the application of the strategy, as well as to assess and resolve inevitable implementation challenges. Our teams come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds – and we hand-select each member for every project ensuring not only that every client obtains bespoke solutions, but also that the implementation and training is conducted with a view to long-lasting and systemic change and improvement.