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Islamic Finance is of crucial importance in the global financial sector. The specific nature and requirements which apply to Islamic Finance call for in-depth knowledge and expertise when dealing with all transactions.
Mayfair Compliance’s Islamic Finance division operates across all spans of the Islamic Finance sector. This division is completely separate from all other services, and acts as a Shari’a consulting firm. Our Islamic Finance specialists provide expert advice to financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies and regulatory bodies, while also working in the field of banking compliance to international standards.
This division of Mayfair Compliance represents a new form of an Islamic Finance consultancy. A key point of difference is that an academic understanding of Shari’a is combined with practical experience gained from years of history in the financial industry. Mayfair Compliance is now a one stop solution to investors, financial institutions, and professionals in the Islamic finance and banking industry.
Our strategic consulting services offer custom solutions with Shari’a compliant financial products, specialising in true asset investment products, Islamic liquidity and risk management. Our expert consultants in this specialist division are highly experienced Islamic Bankers, legal practitioners and Islamic scholars. They have in-depth personal experience working and consulting with local and international Islamic financial institutions, including in the Middle East and Europe.  Personal knowledge of local Shari’a practices and culture with academic credentials is combined with industry experience to deliver excellent consultancy services on Islamic Finance.
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