Mayfair Compliance


Mayfair Compliance’s key strength is a strong combination of academic research with practical industry experience,allowing delivery of excellent consultancy services.

Research is not just a resource for Mayfair Compliance; it is also core part of the services provided. Our consultants produce leading and cutting edge research on a regular basis, which is widely published in academic and industry journals. The consultants are leading researchers in their fields, and many have authored books. Mayfair Compliance has a successful track record of outstanding research with practical and commercial applications.
In an increasingly global world, we are working across borders to address global challenges through the power of knowledge. Pioneering research in a variety of areas delivers profound new insights into the regulatory and compliance world around us. Mayfair Compliance is positioning the company to play a leading role in emerging areas, such as devising a future regulatory framework for crypto-currencies.
Our research confronts contemporary challenges, disrupts current thinking, discovers real solutions and develops practical applications and outcomes, while creating opportunities for collaboration.

Our consultants work at the forefront of new research, technology and business applications and regularly engage in collaborations in their area of expertise. They are keen to hear from you to find out how they can support and carry out specific research in an area of interest to your business or organisation. Whether you’re a large or small organisation, an individual, or an academic institute, research power can be channelled into collaborations.
We are constantly looking for new partners and opportunities or collaborative research – so please reach out. For details of any latest research published by one of the consultants, please view the staff profile page and see the links to the most recent papers.