Mayfair Compliance blends academic pedigree with real-world financial experience to provide financial consultancy services that have the power to revolutionise your business and organisation.

With a focus on governance, risk and compliance, our specialist consultants bring certainty to complex risk scenarios. Our experts have not only studied extensively, but many of them have pioneered and published research within their fields of specialty.

Our consultants are our key resource,

their approach not only combines intellectual rigour with academic pedigree, but also includes corporate, professional experience that ultimately delivers bespoke risk management solutions designed to address specific and unique challenges.

Our portfolio of clients

is active in the high-risk and exceptionally fluid financial services sector across a variety of countries and market segments, and we provide consistent strategic insight into the changing regulatory terrains within which they operate.

Mayfair Compliance specialises in designing risk management strategies that mitigate against money laundering and more specifically against trade-based money laundering (TBML). We also house some of the world’s leading expertise on virtual currencies (VC).

The speed, efficiency and skill with which terror and criminal networks assimilate and manipulate existing AML and TBML systems motivates clients to find specialist consultants who can provide not only up-to-the-minute insight, but who have the academic background to develop strategies based on world class research, and the professional experience to make those strategies work.

Our recommended professional procedures and management strategies cater to the needs of the international financial market and align with international and national jurisdictions, criminal justice agencies and economic registrars.

Virtual currencies remain an enigma for many in the financial services sector

yet our clients have found that the workable, useful and profitable risk and management strategies we develop have made a material difference not only to the range of offerings they can provide, but also to shareholder confidence and profitability.